About Us

Matthews Power LLC is a company that places a strong emphasis on safety as their top priority. They are dedicated to delivering high-quality work within specified timeframes, consistently surpassing customer expectations.

The company’s success is rooted in their “Single Source Solution” philosophy, which involves employing an efficient team approach to execute projects of various scales. Regardless of the project’s size, Matthews Power LLC is renowned for their commitment to guaranteeing both quality work and timely completion.

The linemen employed by Matthews Power LLC are highly trained and possess extensive experience, enabling them to carry out their tasks with utmost safety and precision.

Moreover, Matthews Power LLC is recognized as a Qualified Electrical Construction Contractor (QECC) for 3M, demonstrating their expertise and competence in electrical construction.

Overall, Matthews Power LLC prioritizes safety, aims for excellence in their work, and maintains a reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Matthews Power is a member of the Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware Electric Cooperative Association. All of our Linemen go through the Northwest Lineman College Apprenticeship program.  The program consists of 8 steps, totaling 4 years. 

Why Choose Us?

Quality Services

Safety is our top Priority.
Customer Satisfaction.
Completing projects on time.
Committed to agreements.
We deliver what we commit.


Resolving Technical issues.
Responsive Team.
Available on call 24hrs for Emergencies.

Professional Team

Well trained designated team with years of experience to handle emergencies.

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We take great pride in providing the highest standard of professional services in our field.

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